So I Turned 40

My 40th Birthday Gift

I turned 40 on April 25th, 2018.
My big gift, a fully loaded minivan, and yes, I was excited (still am) about it.
I’m a pragmatist at heart. A nice minivan both makes sense, and gave me some bells and whistles to enjoy.
My 40th birthday included a morning workout at my local kettlebell gym, a day of teaching, coaching at track practice and then heading to a local trampoline park to jump around with my family.
I’m active.
I’m healthy.
I do things like deadlift at 4:30am with my friends for fun.
I eat mostly paleo.
I believe that food is either medicine or poison.
I’m not perfect. I do enjoy a few drinks – I’m very Irish.
My guilty pleasure is to overserve myself with coffee.
Inside me, cancer was lurking, and I had no idea.
No symptoms.
My 40th birthday was a happy milestone, full of my favorite things- I love my gym, I love my job, I love my family, I love being physically active.

Thank goodness the recommendation is that when we turn 40, we get a mammogram.
Thank goodness that I opted to get a 3D mammogram, albeit in the summer, when I decided it worked better into my schedule.
If you look at data, including my age, risk factors and family history of cancer (I have none) I actually had a 1.5% chance of having breast cancer.

So, I turned 40. Thank God.

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